Ahmedabad VHF Repeater


Receiving Frequency (Rx): 145.200 MHz
Transmitting Frequency (Tx): 144.600 MHz
(Hence, the offset is: -000.600 MHz)

The expanding concrete high-rise buildings, ubiquitous shopping malls, and multiplexes are making VHF communications very difficult for the enthusiastic Amateur Radio Operators in Ahmedabad as well as other big cities all over the state of Gujarat.

We are centrally located in Ahmedabad at a height of 1523 (MSL) between the district of Bhavnagar & Surendranagar. Installing a VHF repeater in Ahmedabad immensely benefits many Amateur Radio Operators in Gujarat as this VHF repeater at a height of 1523 ft. covers a wide area of Gujarat, eliminating the problems caused by the high-rise buildings. It also helps in promoting Amateur Radio activities in Ahmedabad and other districts of Gujarat.

This repeater is also useful to the Amateur Radio Operators helping the society and the State Administration at times of distress by providing emergency communication.

Here are some details about the repeater:

Address of Repeater Station Latitide (Six Digit)
Longitude (Six Digit)
Height of Sight
Height of Tower
AGL (Building + Tower)
Height of Building Name & Distance to nearest Airport
Bopal, Ahmedabad 23°1’59” N 72° 27′ 37″ E 111.5 ft 40 ft + 30 ft 40 ft AMD, 22 kms